Triple Moon Altar Cloth. Witchcraft Tarot Card Readers Cloth. Wiccan Altar Cloth

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This beautiful altar cloth measures 24” x 24” and displays the Triple Moon Goddesses symbol.

When preparing your sacred space, it is nice to have an altar cloth to help further designate that area as your sacred altar. In some cases your altar may be made from special material that you want to protect with an altar cloth and in other circumstances, you may want to use an altar cloth as a show of respect to the Gods or Goddesses that you are calling on.

I chose this cloth to have in my shop because I feel a deep connection to the moon and to the Goddesses.

Altar cloths also make nice tarot card reading cloths. It’s important to have a special cloth for doing your readings on. First, this creates a tone and sets an intention that you are now about to do a reading. Second, it protects your cards from the energy of the surface where you are doing your reading. You can also wrap your cards in the cloth after you’re done with your readings for added protection.

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