Black Protection Four Inch Spell Candle

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Black Protection Four Inch Spell Candle

Dressed With Altar Oil And Herbs Ready For Ritual

Negativity Banishment Candle

You will receive 1 dressed candle with your order.

Spell candles are MUCH SMALLER than regular taper candles. Our candles are 4 inches tall and just under 1/2 inch wide. They are highly charged with a lot of energy and intention specific to each person who orders. The flames burn high and fast - about 30 minutes - so that the spell caster can follow through with their spell in one sitting easily. These are NOT dinner candles. These are NOT 6” candles. These are NOT “mini versions” of anything. They are spell candles. Anointed and dressed with oils and herbs specific to their individual purpose.

These 4” black wax candles have been dressed with a blend of altar oils and herbs. They are ready to use in your negativity banishing or protection spells and are full of power and protective energy and intention.

While dressing my candles, I perform my own ceremony in which I cleanse and protect my sacred space. I then light incense preferential to the Deity that I am working with.

I have my own specific technique for dressing my candles which includes adding altar oils and herbs & resins. I then Invoke a Goddess to carry forth the intention of the spell candles purpose.

For these candles I invoked the Goddess Inanna, also known as Isis or the Goddess of many names and forms. She is the most powerful of the Goddesses and the Maiden of Magick and will help to carry your spell to fruition.

Use These Candles in Spells to:

Absorb or Remove Negative Energy
Protect From Evil or Illness
Balance the Root Chakra
Break Bad Habits
Promote Acceptance and Forgiveness

Other things to know about Black candles:

Black candles are very powerful and can be emotionally draining. They should be avoided by those suffering from emotional issues and it can cause these issues to worsen.

These candles work well with the chime candle holders also sold in our shop. You can also stand them in a small cup of salt or sand.

**Spell not included.

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