Altar Plate with Pentagram • Triple Moon Goddess Altar Plate • Wiccan Altar Tools • Witchcraft Pagan Altar Tools

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3.5 inch Aluminum Triple Moon Altar Plate.

An altar plate is an important part of your altar. While many witches don’t understand the true purpose of an altar plate, it should be a part of every altar.

The pentagram holds the energy of Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - The Divine Energies. It symbolizes Spirit manifesting into the physical realm.

It represents the Macrocosm “As below, so above”

Traditionally, the altar plate is used to hold cakes for ritual. The cakes are blessed with the Divine energies of the Deities and when you eat the cake you are blessed.

It is also the center of your altar. All of your ritual energy goes into your Pentagram/Altar Plate. Because it holds this energy and the Divine energy, it is a powerful source for consecrating tools. You would place any objects you are consecrating on top of the altar plate during the consecration ritual.

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