Who Are The Moonlit Sorceresses?

Merry Meet.

The Moonlit Sorceresses are Teresa and Rhiannon, sisters from a matriarchy of psychics and spiritual women. 

Teresa has always been very intuitive and has a strong “sense” for when things are about to happen. She considers herself a psychic, witch, and light worker and believes she made a soul contract before coming to this life to walk through the fire to get to where she is now. Regarding this she states, “I am here to share Spirit’s message and help people find their true path.”

Rhiannon is an eclectic witch who has been studying Witchcraft and Pagan religions since 1998. Her specialties are charms, crystals, and intuitive magick. She is very sensitive to the energies of things and often feels a buzzing around crystals if she forgets to ground herself. When asked what it is like working here she said, “I cannot think of a better job than to work here with my sister creating magickal goods for the Witch and Pagan Community.”

Check back often! There is a lot planned for the shop! 

Blessed be🌛🌝🌜

Tarot readings are here!!
Botanicals from my garden, cut and waiting for the sun to set to begin making this Psychic Potion with my Moon Water.
Black Salt - Himalayan Salt ground, ashes & scrapings from bottom of cast iron cauldron, charcoal = Powerful Protection!
New Moon Manifestation water. This water sat under the sliver of the New Moon for 3 consecutive nights

Tarot readings


Black Salt

New Moon Manifestation water

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Crystals, Witchcraft and Tarot

Teresa has studied Tarot since 2014 and is still fascinated by every reading she gives and the energy she experiences when giving her readings. “I love that Tarot provides a tangible way to see what I’ve been intuitively feeling all of these years.”

Rhiannon is just beginning her journey with Tarot but has already made a connection with Spirit through Tarot. She is learning to read intuitively along with the traditional meanings of the cards. 

Let’s talk about crystals! Crystals are fantastic! They carry the same electromagnetic field as magnets do - we can SEE that field so we KNOW it works. We trust it. Crystals are the same! They all have a specific vibrational energy that corresponds to areas in our body, minds and chakras and can bring about healing of both the body and mind. Not to mention they’re beautiful!!

Other witchcraft items you can expect to see as the shop grows are smoke cleansing sticks, incense, incense burners, altar/goddess statues, wands, candles, crystal grid kits, crystal chips, intuitive charms, witchy oddities and more.

Spell Candles! Teresa started this shop by selling her spell candles on Etsy. She says of her candles, “I love dressing spell candles. The ceremony of it, the fragrance of the anointing oils, incense, herbs and spices, and the beauty in the end result.”  You will find an assortment of spell candles dressed for various purposes in the shop. 

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No White Sage or Palo Santo

We used to sell White Sage and Palo Santo as well as items for Smudging. We were unaware of the cultural appropriation and unethical use of these plants and sacred woods, as well as the ritual associated with the term smudging. We no longer sell them and we are very grateful to the customers who opened our eyes to our ignorance. We expected a difficult change, however the transition was not hard and what we received in exchange was the realization of so many more smoke cleansing options. We hope you will enjoy the wide selection we offer as alternatives. And if you are still using White Sage or Palo Santo, please research for yourself so you can make the best decision for you.

Blessed be.